Sep 192014

black HOTFOX 047_pp When we are sitting in our office on our butt it is very easy to reach for the biscuit tin and let ourselves go WELL NO MORE TO THAT SAYS BEE! Here are of my tips to get off your butt whilst doing an office job!!

1.stand while reading emails and on the phone!

2. take the stairs instead of the lift everyday

3. walk to the printer farthest away from your desk

4. stand at meetings, towards the back or side of the room

5.stand drinking coffee or eating lunch or a snack

6. use the bathroom on the floor above you or below you, taking the stairs

7. take a walk around the office – as simple as it sounds, we forget to move some days when its busy

8. join a lunchtime outdoor training session in your area and exercise for an hour each lunchtime or ever half or 15mins if your time poor! MAKE IT COUNT!

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