Mar 012014

download (34)Spend some time revisiting your original goals and, if you feel that you have drifted away from any use them to help you get back on track. The days ahead are going to be tough, but having made it this far I’m quite sure that your more than capable of doing what you need to do.

Make sure you make use of VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES AND POSITIVE REINENFORCEMENT. Imagine yourself feeling happy with your new improved body and mind, which is now strong and supple and your mind confident and happy. Now is the time to tear out a few images from magazines, fitness books or whatever floats your boat and stick them up where you can see them everyday such as the fridge, food cupboards and other places where they will be a source of constant motivation. Finally stand naked in front of the mirror and admire the difference you have made already or are ready to make(I do this all the time ) very motivating lol! Some form of pampering is essential on your blessed rest day. THINK HAIR DONE, FACIAL, MASSAGE, SPRAY TAN,OR SIMPLY READING A BOOK IN THE QLD SUNSHINE! I WANT YOU TO USE THIS DAY TO BE ULTRA RELAXING AND LIFE CHANGING TO YOUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL


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