Nov 172013

1.wake up with a positive attitude, learn to let go of past hurts and dont hold grudges they do not serve you!2.learn to love exercise and the endorphin rush it gives us! 3. save the alcohol for special occasions! 4. do at least one random act of kindness per week ( giving feels good) 5. do something completely out of your comfort zone at least once a week!6.start to love getting into your cooking eating fresh is definitely the best!6. spend quality time with your friends and family!7. make use of the stairs at your place(save on gym fees)8. write down what it is YOU really want out of YOUR LIFE and work out a plan to get there! 8. eat your greens to be a lean, mean fighting machine! 9. limit your time in the sun to 30 mins max(ENOUGH TO GET A SLIGHT TAN AND ENDORPHIN RUSH OF VITAMIN D!) 10. BELIEVE THAT OUR THOUGHTS WILL ALWAYS BECOME THINGS SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALWAYS THINKING GOOD ONES, BANISH NEGATIVITY FROM YOUR MINDSET, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AND DON’T FORGET THE POWER OF YOUR DREAMS! XXBEEimagesimages


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