Mar 132015

It’s hard to find time to exercise if your week is busy, but fitting in a brisk walk everyday , or a  couple of workouts a week  at the gym, will mean that your success rate on a diet or lifestyle overhaul will be much better than if you nothing at all. Any exercise that raises your heart rate consistently for a minimum of 20 minutes is ideal. And whike exercise is essential, movement is even more crucial, take the stairs at work or walk to the next bustop to kep physically active. But don;t overdo things if you over exercise your metabolic rate may actually slow down in time. Have a small snack before and after you exercise to sustain your energy levels. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE NOW ISN’T IT! BETTER STILL COME AND GONE HOTFOX BOOTCAMP! WE WILL GET YOU GOING!

Mar 132015

belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 087_ppimages (12)belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 045_ppflyerEating is obviously essential, but it’s also meant to be pleasurable. Many of us lead such busy lives that we treat most of the meals we eat like fast food.We eat as quickly as possible in order to move onto important tasks in the day. If you stop what you’re doing and make time to eat, the benefits are huge. you reduce your stress levels and gain a feeling of satisfaction that you’ve eaten a tasty filling meal. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly so that you digest your food properly and maintain good diagestive health. You body can then absorb the nutrients effectively. MAKE THE TIME TO EAT!belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 262_pp

Mar 132015

belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 199_ppbelinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 243_ppASK YOURSELF THESE! What five emotions will I feel when I  get to my goal? HAPPY? SEXY?? CONFIDENT, LOVED, FULFILLED?? WHAT WILL I FEEL THE BEST ABOUT GETTING TO MY GOAL? Fitting into my clothes?? Having energy ??Being happy? Being healthy? Feeling confident? MAYBE FOR YOU ITS THAT FEELING THAT YOUR DRESS FITS OH SO RIGHT BABY!MAYBE ITS THE TASTE OF HAVING A VICTORY CHAMPS ….
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Mar 132015

Is it the chocolate that my HOTFOXS find hard to say no, is it the carbs, bread etc! Nope! It’s the dam good vino most of my dear ladies tell me! It really has them weak at RYAN GOSLINGS KNEES! While we can indulge as a once a week treat, if you share a bottle between you and your dear partner(not naming any names but it does happen alot) your never going to reach your goal ! Stop sabotaging all green tea or hell even a fun filled action packed night with your man lol ! Anything to distract yourself is a good thing!hotfox ian 009
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Mar 132015


1. buy fresh fruit

2.drink plenty of water

3.carry healthy snacks when you leave the house prepared for everything when you walk out the front door

5. plan.plan and plan again

6.when you crave something sweet eat fruit, even if this means eating fruit and something else.Fruit will soon be enough

7.make your home a healthy food haven and avoid buying foods that tempt you.

8. drink water with every meal

9 stop eating before you are full

10. under serve yourself at dinner. If you still hungry grab some fruit! STOP, THINK ARE YOU REALLY HUNGRY OR CAN YOU BEAT THE URGE??? YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME YOUR REALITY!belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 096_ppbelinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 002_pp

Mar 132015

belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 394_ppbelinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 407belinda LEOPARD RED FRIDAY 433_ppUs girls certainly need good and strong calves to wear great sexy shoes. I must admit to seldom wearing them but when I do  look out!! We also need good balance to wear our girly shoes so practice doing some one legged squats and lunges! GET TO IT LADIES AND HAVE A WONDERFUL ACTION PACKED WEEKEND!