Feb 092015

bel 036_pp$_20_ppOKAY GUYS THERE ARE CERTAINLY DAYS WHEN WE NEED A LITTLE PICK ME UP! Here is a list of things that can certainly help you!

1.Pop the bubbly- okay there are those times when a glass of bubbly is the perfect pick up. The grapes of champs is jam packed with antioxidants which help to dilate blood vessels and optimise blood flow.

2. Have more time with your partner! Amazing sex isn’t a luxury, it’s a medically proven miracle cure to rival painkillers, the treadmill and psychotherapy. Sex has been proven to ease pain, burn calories and boost self esteem among other impresive credentials including immunity and heart protection! 3. Laugh alot ! In fact throw your head back right now and belt out a belly laugh…NOW DOESN’T THAT FEEL WONDERFUL?

4. Sleep in ! Extra shut eye may be the best diet plan going, and can give you an energy boost that endures all day long minus the five coffees have a snooze and wake up like the ENERGIZER BUNNY!

5.Ditch your comfort zone You prob know exercise was going to figure somewhere but banish the thought of beating the pavement if running bores you to tears. While regular exercise is crucial for every healthy body helping you to keep weight in check, moderate stress levels and prtect you from heart diseases, diabetes and osteroporosis, the perks aren’t limited to gym machines and jogging. In fact there are fringe benefits when exercise is simply fun and novel!