Oct 292014

Studies show that eating breakefast can increase your resting metabolism for the rest of the day  by as much as 10% A healthy breafast may include oats, or quinoa, porridge , eggs on toast, or muesli and full cream yoghurt. 

Avoid long gaps between meals which is thought to cause your body to go into starvation mode a natural protective mechanism whereby much of the food you have consumed is stored into fat for use another day.

GET MORE ENERGY! It’s much easier to get outside and exercise regualrly now thats there’s more light in the dayand the weather is warmer ..Thank yoy Mr sunshine!With any new exercise plan, its important that you take the time to build up strength and endurance. Rountine is the key too-set days and times aside then stick to it. Start out gently, set goals , and remember to reward yourself for your achievements. GO GET EM SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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